Your remote control V2 TPR1-43 OLD

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V2 TPR1-43 OLD
Remote V2 MATCH

V2 TPR1-43 OLD


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Why choose the V2 TPR1-43 OLD remote control ?

Please note: this model came in many different frequencies. Remote controls with different frequencies are not compatible. Before ordering this model, please verify that the inscription on the round silver quartz inside the remote control says S+M R2632. If you see S+M R2523, then the model you have is one that is no longer being made. You will need to replace your receiver. If you seee 30.875 then the correct model is the V2 TPQ1-AF. If you are not sure of the correct model, please send us some pictures of your remote (inside and outside) by filling out the online form. We will verify the correct model for you.

How to program V2 TPR1-43 OLD remote control ?

PDF - Manual

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