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Model TXP-433-A02
Référence fournisseur TXP433A02NO
Frequency 433.92 MHz
Number of buttons 2
Type of programming Programming with the receiver
Type of battery CR2032
Dimensions 5.5 x 1.3 x 3 cm
Battery and instructions included Yes

Please note: If is written Elero, Tousek or Crawford on the casing of your remote control, this remote will not be compatible. We do not have any replacements for Elero remotes.
If the ring around the buttons on your remote control is exactly the same colour as the rest of the casing (dark grey), then the model displayed here is not compatible. The correct model would be the TELECO TAK 868 which is used for co-ops and which can only be programmed by a professional. Please contact your property management company to get this remote control model.
If your remote control is white then the correct model is the Teleco TXP-868-A02, which is not compatible.

Martin 07/02/2020

« Great service »

Martyn 15/01/2020

« Very difficult to send parts the don’t work back »

Richard 18/10/2019

« I have tried calling several times and it seems like the phone is disconnected. I have emailed for help and after some time got a reply but after providing photos (which I'd already sent) I haven't heard back. the reason for my first contact was my garage door supplier gave me a product code for a new remote but looking at your site, I thought i needed the grey remote but the product code suggested another. hence why I wanted confirmation I needed to order the grey one like the one in the photo I supplied but I was told it was the black one I needed. but it is incompatible »

gordon 27/07/2019

« I asked for a refund and have had to open a dispute in Paypal to get my money back. I'll never use this company again. »

David 12/03/2019

« Confusing, the identical remote for my roller door doesn’t work because of some writing on the case which is hidden in the small print »

Aurora 02/01/2019

« Remote control could not be programmed. Waste of money. »

Patricia 18/08/2017

« Despite numerous attempts to programme the remote controls by both methods i.e. remote to remote and receiver based, we have never succeeded in programming the remote. »

John 10/07/2017

« Unfortunately, the remote I ordered was identical on the out side but was not programmable and I had to return it. The site seems to be very professionally run , I am still awaiting a refund as I sent back the remotes . Hopefully you professionalism will continue and I will receive a refund. All in all your site is very good S »

Michelle 08/03/2017

« Unfortunately the remote control would not programme and we currently have a remote control that is operable. If we could arrange a refund it would be helpful »

Marion 14/10/2016

« Was not able to program this remote even with instructions »