remote control OPEN-OUT TX1 26.995MHZ

compatible with HR CRISTAL 26995
Remote OPEN-OUT TX1 26.995MHZ
Remote HR CRISTAL 26995

compatible with
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Why choose the OPEN-OUT TX1 26.995MHZ remote control ?

This remote control comes in several frequencies. Remote controls with different frequencies are not compatible with each other. Please open the casing and check that the frequency written on the quartz inside is 26.995 MHz.
If you see 40.685 MHz, then the correct model is the Gibidi MTQ4 40.685.
If you see neither 26.995 nor 40.685 and there is no quartz inside your remote control, then please choose the Gibidi MTQ2 433.
If you are not sure, send us pictures of your remote control (the inside and the outside). Please send the pictures using the online form. We will then check them for you.

Technical information OPEN-OUT

Model TX1 26.995MHZ
Frequency 26.995 MHz Attention :: Remotes with the same frequency are not compatible, if the shape, the color of keys, color of the box is different. This applies even if they are from the same brand. They do not have the same electronics!
Number of buttons 2
Type of programming 10 Switch
Type of battery 9V
Dimensions 100 x 57 x 22 mm
Battery and instructions included Yes

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