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How to program FAAC XT2 433 SLH remote control ?

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Why choose the FAAC XT2 433 SLH remote control ?

The colour of the button border is connected to the frequency for this model. Remote control models with different frequencies are not compatible with each other.  The model displayed here has a grey button border (433 MHz). Please do not confuse this model with the identical model (FAAC XT2 868 SLH) with a black button border.
If you live in a co-op, please verify that you have a master model. Only a master model can be used to program a new remote control. In order to determine if you have a master, press a button on the remote control and keep it pressed down. If the LED light blinks once before remaining lit constantly, then it is a master model. If it does not blink once but rather remains lit constantly right away, then it is a slave model and you will not be able to use it to program a new remote control.
We have on offer a less expensive model that is perfectly compatible with this one: the FAAC XT4 433 RCBE.

Technical information FAAC

Brand FAAC
Model XT2 433 SLH
Référence fournisseur 787007
Frequency 433.92 MHz Attention :: Remotes with the same frequency are not compatible, if the shape, the color of keys, color of the box is different. This applies even if they are from the same brand. They do not have the same electronics!
Number of buttons 2
Type of programming Auto-programming
Type of battery CR2032
Dimensions 7 x 5 x 2 mm
Battery and instructions included Yes
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