Remote FAAC TML2-868-SLH LR

Your remote FAAC TML2-868-SLH LR

is no longer produced by the manufacturer:
replaced by
FAAC XT2 868 SLH (100% compatible)


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Brand FAAC
Model TML2-868-SLH LR
Frequency 868.35 MHz
Number of buttons 2
Type of programming Auto-programming
Type of battery 12V(23A)
Battery and instructions included Yes
This remote replaces FAAC DL2-868SLH, FAAC T2 868 SLH, FAAC TML2-868-SLH LR
Please note: this model is often the source of problems! Before ordering this remote, it is essential that you verify that your remote has a frequency of 868 MHz and not 433 MHz, that the FAAC logo is silver and not blue (for a blue FAAC logo please see the model Faac TML2-433-SLH), and that it is a "master" model, which will allow a new remote to be programmed. To verify that your remote is a "master," hold one of the buttons down continuously. If the light blinks once and then remains continuously lit, it is a "master" model (maître). If the light does not blink before remaining continuously lit, then it is an "slave" model (esclave), which we do not sell.