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HR A433F4
HR A433F4
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Attention :
Please make sure you have the original remote control in operational condition if you order this compatible model: programming will be done by a teach-in method.
Brand FAAC
Model 433DS-3
Référence fournisseur 7873893
Frequency 433.92 MHz
Number of buttons 3
Type of programming 12 Switch
Type of battery 12V(23A)
Dimensions 9.3 x 13.5 x 3.2 cm
Battery and instructions included Yes

Please note: please do not confuse this widespread model (frequency of 433 MHz) with the similar-looking but much rarer model FAAC 868 DS-3 (frequency of 868 MHz, also available on our site). The frequency should be written on the back or on the quartz in the inside of the remote control (TM433 for the model 433DS-3, otherwise TM868DS). Remote controls with different frequencies are not compatible.

Peter 11/02/2023

« A really bad experience. Ordered originally before Christmas and whilst you claimed the item had been delivered to our house it had not. We have a secure lockable postbox and the item was not in there. Also cameras on the house and no sign of a delivery person. You sent a replacement which also did not arrive. Endless emails chasing it up and telephone calls and eventually a refund. All this over a period of more than 4 weeks. Annoying and not encouraging. »