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Remote CARDIN S27-2M


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Model S27-2M
Frequency 27.09 MHz
Number of buttons 2
Type of programming 10 Switch
Type of battery 12V(23A)
Dimensions 6 x 1 x 3 cm
Battery and instructions included Yes
This remote replaces PROEM ER2 C27, CARDIN S27-1, CARDIN S27-1M, CARDIN S27-2, CARDIN S27-2M
Please note: this remote once came in two different frequencies (27.090 and 224.700 MHz). Remote controls with different frequencies are not compatible. The model displayed here has a frequency of 27.090 MHz, and has 10 switches. If your remote looks similar, but has 9 switches, then it is the model which has a frequency of 224.700 MHz : Siminor S224-2.