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Even more functionality with the 4-button remote control
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Model TO GO 2VA
Référence fournisseur 9863173
Frequency 433.92 MHz
Number of buttons 2
Type of programming Programming with the receiver
Type of battery 12V(23A)
Dimensions 6.9 x 4.3 x 1.8 cm
Battery and instructions included Yes
compatible remote control BENINCA TO GO 4VA

Les nouvelles télécommandes TO.GO2VA  travaillent avec le nouveau codage Advanced Rolling Code (ARC, 128 Bit), mais en cas de besoin on peut facilement les convertir en Rolling Code Standard HCS 64 Bit  (TO.GO2VA/4VA).

Les émetteurs de la série VA peuvent fonctionner tant en mode HCS qu’en mode ARC.
Ceci permet d’utiliser les émetteurs même sur des systèmes avec un récepteur HCS.
L’émetteur est fourni d’usine avec le codage ARC 128 Bit

Pour changer le type de codage, appuyer simultanément sur les touches T1 et T2 pendant 20 secondes.
Au bout de quelques secondes, la diode électroluminescente se met à clignoter, pour indiquer que le mode est sur le point de s’activer :
2 clignotements et pause d’1 seconde, l’émetteur est sur le point d’être configuré comme HCS
3 clignotements et pause d’1 seconde, l’émetteur est sur le point d’être configuré comme ARC

Lorsque la diode électroluminescente s’allume avec la lumière fixe, l’émetteur a changé de mode.

Michael 24/12/2022

« I was recommended a replacement for my Beninca remote control, it says that it is very simple to program, but this is not true, I was sent programming instructions from your agent, first program the new remote, followed by the main box, which is impossible as I am not an experienced electrician, I was led to believe that the remote programming was a simple process and I have basically wasted £60. »

Keith 20/03/2022

« the new remote did not react (communicate) with the original and I am still trying to work it out. »

Anthony 19/03/2022

« The remotes were to replace my old one's, what I did not know was that you can program the remote to suit your system, this is done by holding both keys down until the red light is on continue, release both buttons and try to program to your gate/door if it fails go through the red light procedure again, the remote has 4 settings. My one was on number 1 (1 flash 1 pause) when holding the buttons down, then then gate system would allow it to link sucessfully »

Delyse 11/10/2019

« Very good quick service »

Max 18/09/2019

« Good service from Remote control Express but poor delivery time and unable to track delivery (inconnue) for 4days. Product good »

J b 27/05/2019

« Remote will not program »

Tom 06/02/2019

« Remote controls didn’t work, very disappointed. »

Debbie 09/07/2018

« I received the remote controls quickly, however they did not work and I returned them requesting a refund. I am still waiting for a refund more than 2 weeks later. »