Your remote control AETERNA 27.015 MHz 3K

compatible with DICKERT MAHS27-04
AETERNA 27.015 MHz   3K
Remote DICKERT MAHS27-04

AETERNA 27.015 MHz 3K
compatible with


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A cheaper and 100% compatible remote control ?
HR AQ2640F4-27.015
HR AQ2640F4-27.015


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Please make sure you have the original remote control in operational condition if you order this compatible model: programming will be done by a teach-in method.
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Why choose the AETERNA 27.015 MHz 3K remote control ?

This remote control comes in several frequencies. Remote control models with different frequencies are not compatible with each other. The model displayed here has a frequency of 27.015 MHz and 10 small internal programmable switches. Please verify the frequency and the presence of these switches before ordering.

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