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Remote SUPERIOR RC 2-1

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How to choose a universal remote ?

Remote Control Express provides universal remotes with the best market performance under the brands Logitech, Meliconi, Philips, Sony, Thomson, Superior... The universal remote controls that we offer are in a position to pass on most of the functions of your devices, regardless of brand. They are compatible with thousands of different brands and hundreds of thousands of different devices references.

To program some new universal remotes, you need to use a code. To find this code, refer to the manual supplied with the remote. This code depends on the type of device: TV, DVD, Hi-Fi, Blu-ray ... and from your brand: Sony, LG, Samsung, Toshiba, Philips, Pioneer, etc.... Once this code is found, simply enter it on the remote. Programming a universal remote control is very easy!

The correspondence between the codes and devices are specific to each brand of universal remote controls for each model. Therefore, the codes are different. By a universal remote control to the other In addition, some remotes can be updated with a new code for a new devices, not all remote controls operate this way. The remote control Meliconi Pratico 2 is such a universal remote.

Another type of universal remote control is programmable with a supplied cable, which you connect to your computer and connect to the Internet. This programming mode allows access to a very large and constantly updated database. With this type of remote control, you are almost certain to find all the functions of your original remote control. This is the case with the remote Superior RC 1-1, which we provide.

In general, a universal remote have to program before using and can control a single device. Other universal remotes can control multiple devices simultaneously. These remote controls have the advantage that you limit the number of your remotes with a single remote control. We offer 4 in 1, 3 in 1 or 2 in 1 remote controls. With a universal remote, you can operate your TV, DVD player, stereo, receiver, etc ... The number of programmable devices depends on the model of the remote control. For example, we offer the Logitech Harmony TE, which is capable of controlling up to 3 devices.

We also have a universal remote control, which is especially suitable for seniors. The remote control features are simplified and the buttons are slightly larger. This is the case of the universal remote control Meliconi SmartSenior 2, which we offer.

If you want a universal remote control of the brand of the manufacturer of your TV or Hi-Fi, we also sell Philips universal remotes, Sony universal remotes and Thomson universal remotes. These remotes work just as well as traditional universal remote with a better casing quality and often more accessible functions.

However, if you still unsure about your choice of the universal remote control, you can also find the original and fully compatible remote controls using our search engine.

Remote Control Express is a remote specialist since 2006. We sell for all your devices (TV, stereo, DVD player, DVB-T receiver, etc ...) 100% compatible remotes, which are 100% compatible with your original remotes, whether original or replacement remote controls.