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Model IRC87013
Référence fournisseur 6064762
Type compatible
Type of battery 1.5V(LR03-AAA)-X2
This remote replaces FINLUX 20420579,   VESTEL 20420579,   TECHLINE 20428726,   VESTEL 20433727,   TELEFUNKEN 20433727,   VESTEL 20435982,   ARENA 20435982,   VESTEL 20435988,   PROSONIC 20435988,   AKAI 20437530,   VESTEL 20445038,   TELEFUNKEN 20445038,   HITACHI 20449891,   VESTEL 20449891,   VESTEL 20452436,   TECHWOOD 20453931,   VESTEL 20453931,   TECHWOOD 20461995,   VESTEL 20461995,   VESTEL 20464027,   LUXOR 20464027,   VESTEL 20469090,   SILVERCREST 20469090,   HITACHI 20469567,   VESTEL 20469567,   FINLUX 20471734,   VESTEL 20471734,   VESTEL 20471953,   FAIRTEC 20471953,   VESTEL 20473380  

The remote CLASSIC IRC87013 is a compatible remote control and has been tested on your device by our technical service. We guarantee the functionality with your device, which you entered in the search engine.

This remote control is preprogrammed at the factory and requires no additional programming by you.

The remote CLASSIC IRC87013 works with the batteries 1.5V(LR03-AAA)-X2 that are automatically added to your basket, to save you the search.