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Why choose the PRASTEL TC4E remote control ?

If you live in a co-op, please verify with your building management that the receiver is not locked. If it is, you will not be able to program this remote control.
Attention: if you see the inscription "SURETE 2000" on the back of your remote control, then the correct model is a copier remote control that is not compatible with the model displayed here. If you see this inscription, then you will have replace your radio receiver. WARNING: Some remotes have yellow or red buttons - they are not compatible!

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« Simple programming without additional material! »

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Accrington, 06/09/2017

« I am disappointed because I am still waiting for the goods to be delivered »

Manchester, 30/12/2016

« I was very happy with both the delivery time, and that the garage fob is working as expected, thanks. »

Stoke Newington, 26/11/2012

« Why have Prastel changed their fobs? Are they better than the old ones if so how? »

DUNDEE, 02/11/2011

« The remote you supplied was of a far better quality than the original and I intend to order a spare in the future. Your instructions for installing and coding the remote was first class and easy to follow. Well done. »

New Maldon, 20/09/2011

« My only issue is that some of the transalations on the instruction leaflets do not make sense of the actual process. A simple step by step process would be alot easier »

Dronfield, 22/07/2010

« Excellent service together with clear programming instructions and back up video on the web site (a colleague had to pay an additional £15 for the simple task of programming his remote). Would recommend Remote Control Express - thankyou very much. »